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Glen Webb D.B.A. On the Ball Sport Photography

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ON THE BALL SPORT PHOTOGRAPHY​​​​ ​​​​

​​​​​​​​​Q. Who engages OBSP’s services?
A. Usually it’s parents who engage OBSP to capture action shots of their son or daughter. If your athlete is a teenager I recommend parents speak with their son/daughter before booking a session to make sure they're open to having their photograph taken.

​Q. Does my son/daughter need to be a star to get great results?

​A. The photos are dependent on how engaged in the play the athlete is during the match, not their athleticism. As long as they are making an effort to be involved with the play it will be captured in the photographs. 

Q. Do you shoot all kinds of sports?
A. I prefer field sports (rugby, soccer, field hockey and football) as the natural lighting produces better results.

Q. How far in advance should I book my shoot?
A: I recommend you book at least 2 weeks in advance. As to be expected, after school and Saturday and Sunday are my busiest days.

Q. What is the payment schedule?
A. A 50% deposit ($150.00) is charged at time of booking (please refer to billing schedule/methods of payment) with the balance charged at the end of the shoot. 

Q. Can two or more families schedule a shoot together to reduce costs?
A. Ideally my attention is focused on one athlete per shoot; however depending on the sport, I can divide my attention and work with a maximum of two athletes per booking. Fee to be confirmed at time of booking.

Q. Can I give you a shot list of the images I want captured?

A. A shot list works great in a studio, at a wedding, or during a press conference, but is not practical for action sports. The most successful shoots are with athletes who are determined to control the ball or defend an opponent from scoring. During the shoot, I position myself as close to the sideline as the venue allows and move along with the athlete. While working, I'm most productive if left alone to concentrate on the flow of the game. My goal is to be as inconspicuous as possible, and not a distraction to the players, coaches or game officials.  

Q. When should I arrive for our session?
A. I recommend clients arrive a minimum 10 minutes prior to the pre-game warm up so that I can get acquainted with the athlete and his/her position. I also request that parent(s) advise the coach and/or team manager that I will be taking pictures during the game. 

Q. What if I am delayed or running late?
A. Please text or call me if you are delayed. If you arrive late for the game any time that has passed from the original start time will be forfeited; I will shoot for the remainder of the time you have booked. The number of photos captured and subsequently delivered will reflect the actual time the athlete was participating in the game. 

Q: What happens if the sun doesn’t shine on game day?
A:  If the match is postponed by the league due to safety concerns over field conditions (frost or snow on the playing field) we will reschedule. Heavy rain on the north shore can also be a challenge, most young athletes don't perform their best if they're wet and cold. I reserve the right to postpone if weather is an issue.  

Q: What if I need to reschedule or want to cancel?
A: As a parent of a student athlete, I recognize kids get sick or injured. Just advise me by text or phone 24 hours in advance of your shoot time if there is an issue and we can reschedule. Please note that shoots may only be rescheduled once without penalty. 

If you decide to cancel your OBSP photo session a cancellation fee will apply:  

More than 48 hours notice - 50% refund of the initial deposit will be provided.
Less than 48 hours notice - no refund will be issued. 

Q: When will I see the photos?
A: Your images will be delivered via Dropbox within five to seven business days. You can register free for

Q: What size are the photos?
A: The images are all high-resolution JPEG, suitable for prints (4x6, 5x7 and 8x10).  

Q: Do I own the photos?
A: You have the rights to your digital photos for personal use only (not commercial), and may distribute the digital images to family and friends. The release stipulates that I may not sell or release your images without prior consent. The exception is if required by a court-order or an officer of the court. The release for your signature will be emailed 2-3 days before the scheduled session. Bring the signed release with you on game day. Without a signed release in place, I am not able to take photos and you will forfeit your deposit.

Q: Can I choose the photos I receive?

A: The OBSP package includes only the best images from the shoot. Photos with unflattering expressions, under exposed or photo bombed are deleted. Due to the nature of sport action photography, it's important to understand that not every image can be a keeper. The majority of shoots result in 5-10 great action images. In addition, you'll receive all images I think are worthwhile for viewing, approximately 10-20.  

Q: Can I buy the memory card containing all of the shots from the session?
A: Some shoots result in 200-300 images, which does not allow the required time (3-4 hours) for me to edit and correct. I take pride in my work, and will not release inferior images.

Q: Can I book OBSP for team photos, posters or player cards?
A: While I don’t provide those services, there are studios on the Lower Mainland that do. 

Q. Do you shoot in all venues?
A. The short answer is no, the best results are always outdoors.


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